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Advant® Engineering Station Upgrade!


We have recently developed an Enginering Station that uses the same internal PU516 RTA board and the Control Builder Software based on Windows® 10 Operating System.


The new Engineering Station is built on brand new desktop computers without the need of additional hardware, software or changes in the AC450 controllers. This allows our customers to perform the upgrade without the need of an outage and to keep using their existing software license and the RTA boards they already own, helping them reduce the costs of an OEM upgrade.

Operating Stations Upgrade!

Based on OPC Server Technology provided by Novotek, and using GE Proficy Cimplicity software, we have developed a unique HMI system capable of interacting directly via Ethernet with the MasterBus 300® network, expanding the capabilities of the Advant Power Contol® System.


Let us show you how to turn your Operating Stations into a more flexible, powerful and modern monitoring system. We invite you to visit our Demo section to view some video examples of the system's main features. You can also visit our FAQ section here or visit


In addition, you can dowload our product presentation and the Novotek MB3 OPC Server Fact Sheet using the links below.

An alternative upgrade for OS500 Operating Stations
Adobe Acrobat document [2.1 MB]
Novotek MB3 OPC Server Fact Sheet
An alternative upgrade for OS500 Operating Stations
Adobe Acrobat document [508.0 KB]



We have built our expertise based on more than 15 years of experience at sites in the Canada, U.S. and Mexico. This allows us to offer a wide variety of technical support services for the ABB Advant Power® AC110, AC410, AC160 and AC450 Control Systems.





Our services include but are no limited to:

  • Customized Training Courses for any experience levels. We adjust the training to our customer's specific wants and needs.
  • FSI logic implementation.
  • I&C support during planned inspections.
  • Troubleshooting support.
  • KKS, wiring diagrams, control logic, alarm and event interpretation.
  • DEPP data and trend analysis.


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