HMI Demo Videos

Here you will find a few examples of some of the main customizable features and options that make the SALTEK HMI System for Advant Controllers unique.


Please consider that the quality of the videos do not represent the actual resolution of the application.

Operating Stations developed with GE's Cimplicity HMI Software

The Brandon GS monitor and operate their 2 X GT11N2 Gas Turbine and BOP using GE's Cimplicity HMI. The system was customized and designed to replace the ageing UNIX based Advant OS500 Operating Stations.

Advant Engineering Station Migration to Windows 10 Operating System with Internal PU516 RTA Board

Successfully migrated Advant Engineering Station from Windows XP to Windows 10 using the internal PU516 RTA Board and original Control Builder Application.

MB3 OPC Server installed at the Beaver Generating Sation

Installed and operational since 2017, the Beaver GS  Novotek MB3 OPC Servers provide communication from 1 X Advant AC410 Controllers to a Data Collection Client.

Novotek-Cimplicity MB3 OPC Servers installed at the Brandon Generating Station

Installed and operational since 2007, the Brandon GS Redundant Novotek MB3 OPC Servers provide communication from 3 X Advant AC450 Controllers to HMI and Data Collection Clients.

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